Sunday, January 29, 2006

Visual Mind to MindManager

A customer of ours asked us how to get data from Visual Mind to MindManager. I went to the Visual Mind website and downloaded their free trial software, created a simple map and selected the file save option to save the file as XML.
As you may know, MindManager X5 and 6 are based on XML and transforming one XML format to another XML format is a trivial exercise (for me) using XSLT. The basic requirement is that the input XML be well-formed. This transformation can happen automatically during file opening and saving in MindManager X5 Pro and MindManager Pro 6 if you have installed additional inbound and oubound transformations.
The problem that I ran into was that the XML produced by Visual Mind is not well-formed so it could not be transformed using XSLT. You can easily see the error if you open the Visual Mind XML in Internet Explorer. If you are a Visual Mind customer (strangely we don't have any at Mindjet). Tell them about this problem and maybe they can fix it.



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