Thursday, November 10, 2005

New Research Accelerator in Mindjet Labs with Google Desktop Search

We just updated the free Research Accelerator again in the Mindjet Labs to add these new features:
  • If you install Google Desktop Search you can now search your desktop (and GMail and chat) from the research task pane. Adding this was remarkable easy: it only took about two hours to build! This is similar to the Windows Desktop Search service that we added previously.
  • If you add a result set (from any of the services that we built) to the map, you will see a refresh icon to the right of the topic. Pressing on this icon requeries the service, refreshing it in the map. One way that you could use this is to do a Technorati search for your favorite term, "MindManager" and bring the topic [Technorati Search for "MindManager" (Results 1-10 of 1,996)] into the map. Press the refresh every day and I'm sure that you will see the number of results grow!


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