Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Updated Save as Page with Viewer Sample

Bernhard Straub of MindBusiness pointed out a problem with the Save as a Page with Viewer sample where MindManager 6 files were not being shown in the viewer. I just posted a fixed .reg file for this, but I would like to explain the problem:
The MindManager Viewer reads MindManager X5 files natively. When you point it at a MindManager 6 .mmap file, it has embedded schemas for the new MindManager 6 format. When the viewer's OpenXML() method is called, there are no schemas in the XML string for the parser to understand so any new MM6 XML elements or attributes cause a parsing error.

The transform MapViewerPage.xslt transforms an ap:Map XML tree to a html tree and embeds a copy of the in a script element. When the html is loaded, a script starts to get the map XML from the script element and calls the OpenXML() function.

The fix to this was to open a small existing MindManager 6 map ( before loading the XML. Doing so loads the schemas into the viewer for MindManager 6. It's a bit of a hack but it works. We are looking into a better solution.


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