Friday, September 23, 2005

Google Blog Search Has Stopped Working

One of the services in the Research Accelerator is Google Blogs, a beta service that Google offers to search all of the weblogs (like this). The logic for retrieving those results is at C:\Program Files\Mindjet\Research Accelerator\GoogleBlogSearch.xslt (once you install the Research Accelerator). It seems that when making the web requset from MindManager, a URL is generated to retrieve the document at
but now, using the XSLT document() function, no results are returned.
I swear it worked a week ago!
Did Google change something with their blogsearch service?
If anyone has a suggestion, I would love some help with this one.
Michael S. Scherotter
Business Solutions Architect
Mindjet Corporation
If anyone has

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Updated Save as Page with Viewer Sample

Bernhard Straub of MindBusiness pointed out a problem with the Save as a Page with Viewer sample where MindManager 6 files were not being shown in the viewer. I just posted a fixed .reg file for this, but I would like to explain the problem:
The MindManager Viewer reads MindManager X5 files natively. When you point it at a MindManager 6 .mmap file, it has embedded schemas for the new MindManager 6 format. When the viewer's OpenXML() method is called, there are no schemas in the XML string for the parser to understand so any new MM6 XML elements or attributes cause a parsing error.

The transform MapViewerPage.xslt transforms an ap:Map XML tree to a html tree and embeds a copy of the in a script element. When the html is loaded, a script starts to get the map XML from the script element and calls the OpenXML() function.

The fix to this was to open a small existing MindManager 6 map ( before loading the XML. Doing so loads the schemas into the viewer for MindManager 6. It's a bit of a hack but it works. We are looking into a better solution.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Introducing the Mindjet Labs
Over the past two years in the Business Solutions Group at Mindjet, we have experimented with MindManager X5 and 6 to see what innovative ways MindManager could be used to integrate with other applications, and services. In addition to the Accelerator for, many of the things that we built were technical demonstrations, prototypes and proof-of-concepts that we used to start conversations among ourselves, with partners and customers. We pushed MindManager into directions that we did not even know it could go and we liked the results.

Now we want to share the results of our research with you!
We are posting these samples to show you what can be done but more importantly, what you can do. And to that aim we are releasing the source code for most of the solutions posted here. We are so excited about the possibilities that some of the new features in MindManager 6 present that enable very compelling integrations.

  • An extensible Research Task Pane like Microsoft Office 2003 that allows you to search Google, Yahoo, Technorati, and other web services.
  • A topic that has an embedded Autodesk DWF Viewer for sharing Architectural and Engineering drawings.
  • A topic that links to a Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • A Smart Map Part used to make composite maps.
  • Transformations to make the MindManager Map Viewer web control more useful.
  • Demonstration of how to use the MindManager Map Viewer web control to visualize RSS Feeds.
  • A macro to reset notes font.
  • A Wizard for Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 to quickly build MindManager 6 C# Add-ins.

This is just the beginning as we have quite a few more lab solutions that we will post as soon as they are ready. We are posting these because we want your feedback.

Have fun!

Michael S. Scherotter
Business Solutions Architect
Mindjet LLC